How to search?

To search for an image, enter your keyword, keywords or a phrase then press Enter or click the Go button.

If you want to look at all images within a subject or search within a subject then scroll to choose a subject and either choose “show all” or “search” …if you choose search then again enter a keyword, keywords or a phrase

Searching Guidelines
• Searches are not case sensitive
• All searches are "and" searches by default
(for example: by searching “straw donkey” we will only find images that have both "straw" and "donkey" as keywords.)
• Sometimes it is helpful to use a "not" search to eliminate unwanted images
(example: by searching "donkey" you will see images of straw donkeys as well. By searching "straw not donkey” as keywords, you can eliminate straw donkeys so that you are left with just donkeys!!

If you see too many results:
You can refine your search further by selecting the dropdown menu. Using this method you can limit the results to only advertising, fashion, interiors, architecture, photography, illustration, kitsch etc. Or try the "advanced search" which allows you many additional options to limit results. Or you can use the "not" keyword (see searching guidelines above).

If you didn't get enough results:
You may have entered too much information. The search will find only those items that match all your specifications and keywords, so the more info you enter, the fewer items you will find.

If you get no results:
It could be that there are no images that match your search specifications, but if you think that there should be some matches to your search request, here are some tips:
• Get rid of some of your keywords or select keywords that are more general.
• Check that you typed all of the keywords correctly.
• Contact us to check if we have this subject matter still to add to the library

Adding images to your goodie bag
Click on the appropriate image(s) on the Search Results, the image will appear larger in a pop up window where you can click on the icon to add to your Goodiebag
From the Goodie Bag page you can:
• view all images stored in a goodie bag
• delete items from a lightbox by clicking "Remove" under the appropriate image(s)
• go to Manage Goodie Bag page

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