Subscription Fees

Single user in small business with annual turnover of less than £1million ….£1500 pa

Single user in medium sized business with annual turnover £1m to £5m £2000pa

Single user in large business with annual turnover over £5m £2750pa

Four user licence annual turnover < £1m £3500

Four user licence annual turnover £1m to £5m £6000

Four user licence annual turnover > £5m £8000

Eight user licence £10000

Fifteen user licence £14000

*single user means access by one email address

For small business users with turnovers of less than £1m a temporary, one week long subscription is available at £300.

Costs for Downloading Images.

Prices vary according to the end use/ duration of use, here are some rough examples.

Internal Presentations £20 per image

Internal Brochures / Company Reports £75 per single image download

Public Brochures and leaflets £400 per single image

Textiles / Furnishings £800 per image

T shirts £450 per image

Regional print media £75 per image

National print media £135 per image

TV media £135 per image

National print advertising £ 1850 per image

Regional print advertising £500 per image

International print advertising £ 5500 per image

Web advertising £300 per image

Images can be bought exclusively for a length of time..please contact us for a quote on this stating image, proposed use + period of "buy out"

How to Subscribe

You can subscribe and be using LOLC immediately by completing this form and paying by Paypal or WorldPay ..we will email your access passwords immediately on receipt of payment Name of Company…
Status of Company (Limited Company, Partnership, Sole Trader)
Type of Business
Contact Details…address, tel etc
Type of subscription (Small, Medium, Large) …for small it goes to option of a single week subscription or an annual
Number of users It then needs to calculate fees + offer ability to pay by Paypal or World Pay + get immediate access …..they will get their passwords automatically sent to them once they have paid or ability to open a credit account …for a credit account we will need to ask for trade references x 2 + tell them to allow 14 days before receiving their passwords

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