Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just have a peek inside the library and see if it’s worth my while subscribing?
Yes you can have a 60 minute prowl round for free.
This is limited to one free visit per organisation.
You must contact us with your company details first

What is the legality of using images from The Land of Lost Content Library?
You don’t have to worry about copyright; we have taken care of that.
When there is any doubt about the origin of an image we clearly state the
situation and we do not allow the downloading or use of images where there may be copyright issues.

Can any image be downloaded and used?
You subscription allows all images can be viewed and used as inspiration/ design resource.
Many images are downloadable, for a fee and then available for use, subject to the terms of the LOLC's End User Licence Agreement

I believe I am the copyright owner of some content on LOLC and haven't been contacted ?
We are happy if copyright owners contact us, we want copyright owners to earn money from LOLC. Copyright owners can either enter into an agreement with LOLC and potentially earn money, (see collectors section) or can ask us to take down the material (subject to proof of ownership).

Can items be viewed physically?
Part of the collection is available to view at The Land of Lost Content museum in Shropshire

Can items be hired?
In extreme circumstances we may consider hiring us

What resolution and format are images available in?
Images are available for download as high resolution tiff files (usually between 40 and 160 MB)

I have low bandwidth and can’t accept big downloads can images be posted to me?
Yes with pleasure

How often will there be new images on site?
Almost on a daily basis. The collections has been put together over a 40 year period and is still being photographed .In addition we keep on buying and collectors are regularly submitting their personal collections.

I have a collection of cheesy Easy Listening album covers from the 60’s and 70’s are you interested in showing these on Land of Lost Content?
All collectors are welcome to contact us . We are keen to expand our offer of anything from popular culture, art and design. We are happy to give credit where credits due to collectors and “big up” your collections on the Land of Lost Content site. Between us, we are sure we can work out a way to photograph your collection. We will pay you a small royalty every time an image from your collection is downloaded for commercial use.

What is the best way to search?
You can scroll through our subject and category section or use a keyword or phrase search. Click here for full details.

Are our dealings private?
In a word. yes

How do I remove my name from the LOLC email list?
If you no longer subscribe to LOLC just hit reply and type remove in the email header + send it back to us

Which browsers are compatible with this site?
For Windows platform:
Internet Explorer 5.x and newer. Netscape 6.x and newer.

For Mac platform:
Internet Explorer 5.x and newer. Netscape 6.x and newer.

If you're experiencing difficulties accessing certain areas, your computer may not be accepting cookies, (you need to accept cookies) or your system may be behind a corporate firewall, which can make accessing secure servers difficult. If you encounter problems we suggest you contact your own tech department before us

How long does it take to download an image?
Approximate download times shown in minutes
Untitled Document

File Size Compressed File Size 28.8K Time 56K Time ISDN Time T1 Time
1 MB 90k 3 1 <1 <1
10 MB 100-400k 20 10 5 2
28MB 2-8MB 40 20 10 5
48MB 4-12MB 60 30 15 7
75MB 4-16MB 70 35 17 8
Why are there Watermarks across all the images on the site?
This watermark is designed to prevent naughty types nicking the images, but the images once purchased will not have a watermark on them.

What is a goodie bag?
A goodie bag is an area where you can save images to review or purchase later on.
Goodie Bags are great for saving images that you are interested in downloading or using
From the goodie bag page you can:
view all images stored in a goodie bag
delete items from a goodie bag by clicking "Remove" under the appropriate image(s

How safe is it to use my credit card on your site?
We use the latest encryption technology to help ensure that your information is kept safe while in transit

How do I determine image prices?
Click Here our Fees section should sort you out

Can we buy an image that only we can use?
Yes Images can be bought exclusively for a length of time..please contact us for a quote on this stating image, proposed use + period of” buy out”

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